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Stay connected to the Luminaries Community.

We keep you engaged with helpful, encouraging nudges when the challenges of life try to knock you off course.

By combining the expertise of Robert H. Lurie's Comprehensive Cancer Center's Cancer Survivorship Institute, and the personal journey of Luminaries, we will revolutionize how Survivors receive curated, life-changing Survivorship care and support regardless of where they live or where they get treatment.

Each of our kits include supplemental tools to help you on your own Survivorship journey. In addition, Luminaries will have a library of recorded videos, from Northwestern Survivorship doctors and nurses, and kit experts, for members to reference and revisit at any time.

On a weekly basis, you will be hearing from Laura Hendricks, Leukemia Survivor and Founder of Luminaries, via audio segments that you can listen to on your own time. Laura gives additional insights, tips, tricks, and relatable encouragement on how to maximize the Luminaries Practices for your own well-being. She will also have guest speakers on her audio segments to discuss trending topics from the Luminaries Community.

At the heart of Luminaries, we believe a better life after treatment begins by reconnecting with the power within you. Luminaries will provide the tools to support you in living a fulfilling life after your hardest battle.

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