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Thank you for making an impact in cancer Survivors lives!

Survivors Supporting Survivors

A letter from our Founder, Laura Hendricks (AML Leukemia Survivor),


Whether you purchased from or a friend or family sent you one of our tools, please know your purchase was made with a purpose and you have made an impact!

For every purchase made, it supports sending our year-long, six practice kits to a cancer Survivor that has have been affected by health care inequalities or have fallen upon hardships due to their diagnosis.

The population of cancer survivors is growing every day. This is for amazing reasons: because treatment and early detection rates are improving. However, for too long, we have ignored the challenges and availability of survivorship care.

The status quo is costly to both the survivors and the healthcare system. Majority of world-class cancer centers are associated with academic hospitals and located in major cities or nearby suburbs. Patients travel to these hospitals to receive the best treatment, but then return home to a gap in survivorship care and guidance.

People who have lived through cancer are at higher risk of a range of conditions, both physical and mental. A 2020 study of Survivorship care costs found that "Medical costs associated with survivorship" totaled $183 billion in 2015, projected to increase 34% to $246 billion by 2030. In addition, many primary care physicians have reported feeling unequipped to manage the complex care of cancer survivors. Survivorship care and guidance is a necessity for the survivor population, and no longer a "nice to have," as we are seeing unprecedented strain on the cancer care ecosystem.

Luminaries has set out to break the mold on survivorship care. It is the first non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life of Survivors and their families by delivering solutions and tools to Survivors' center of wellness - their home.

In only a year as an active non-profit, Luminaries has served over 1,300 cancer Survivors all over North America. With aspirations of doubling donations and expanding our services globally. Luminaries set a new bar for inclusivity, specifically serving disadvantaged cancer Survivors.

No one should be deprived in Survivorship care because of where they live, their socioeconomic status, the color of their skin, or sexual orientation.

Luminaries has built and proven a transformative and comprehensive care model. Now it's time to hit the accelerator to serve more of the Survivorship community.

Thank you again your impact and improving Survivorship care!

Be Well,


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