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To the Survivors. To the Luminaries. To the lucky ones. Those who move forward and who will not be denied, who at the foot of impossible mountains turn their gaze upward and begin to climb. For in that moment in time they realize one of the many secrets in life, that the grit and tools needed to make progress are already inside you, and the farther up the mountain you climb, the smaller the mountain gets. Lets climb together.

We have created a private community to celebrate your wins, connect with like-minded members, and ask questions about the Luminaries Practices​.

While Luminaries is primarily an off-line experience - because that is how our brains learn best! - we know that digital interaction is a way to connect to a larger Survivorship community. Our goal is to make these interactions effective and thoughtful in the least intrusive way possible. The Luminaries community is made for building momentum alongside other Survivors. Community support and stories are the way we understand and make sense of our experience, while offering hope or guidance to others.


Survivors that are enrolled in our year-long program or purchase any one of our kits (or receive as a gift) will be sent an invite to the Private Luminaries Community.

Together, we are determined to make Survivorship better, one step at a time.

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