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Our Mindset

Women walking and talking to support each other on their journey.

Luminaries is about helping you cultivate a growth mindset, and set you up to achieve more than you thought possible.


Ensuring your mind processes and celebrates your successes is a vital part of our mental health because it gives us that little boost of confidence and offers even the smallest reminder that we are on the right track. And wins add up. Leading to the development of what is called a positive growth mindset. Eventually you look back on something you thought you could never do and realize that all of your little successes were building blocks for larger achievement and progress.


Luminaries gives you the time and space to celebrate those successes. Make sure to pause, smile, and pat yourself on the back (or fist pump to yourself, or dance in the living room, or jot a note in your journal) because it just might lead to something bigger.

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