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Survivorship Inspiration. Delivered.

Photos represent examples of items in kits. Click to enlarge.

Every two months you receive a customized kit in the mail containing wellness items to assist in the year-long program.

When you engage in the Luminaires program you are not only learning, but doing. Luminaries is about being present, and teaches you to take notice of how your body and mind feel to connect these feelings and form positive habits. You get to move at your own pace, experience the program in the comfort of your home, and build life-changing habits along the way. Below are a couple examples of our 60-day kits:

Fuel - This Practice isn't about telling you what to eat. It's about giving yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the simple practice of eating and fueling your body. Very often, we don't connect with our food because we eat while working, reading, watching TV, or checking social media. We guide you to savor the first, middle, and last bite of your next meal. Listen to your body. Take notice of how it feels. It already knows what, when, and how much to eat, even post-treatment when your eating habits have changed. Over the 60 days you will learn to connect the feelings in your body, and the signals in your brain, to adopt the positive habit of fueling your body based on your specific needs.

Breath & Focus - Consistent, intentional, breathing practice can lead to greater resilience, enhanced cognition, and better control over our physical, mental, and emotional states. Luminaries guides you to positively alter your brain and body for greater focus and resilience.  The habits you master separately may not seem like much, but collectively, they add up and create powerful, sustainable shifts within you. We give you the science, tools, steps and support to reconnect with the power within you. All delivered to your doorstep.

Sleep & Rest





Breath & Focus.

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