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A reminder: Follow your oncologist or registered dietitians’ guidelines on what is the right diet for you. Luminaries’ offerings are not intended to replace the advice and counsel of your doctors. If you have a medical condition, food allergies, or any circumstances that require professional healthcare, please begin by consulting your physicians first.

Luminaries has partnered with Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America to increase access to healthy and nutritious food for cancer Survivors facing health inequities. Both organizations have a common mission in to deliver products and tools to people's doorsteps to help them thrive!

A healthy diet is a vital part of a Survivor’s journey during and after treatment. Luminaries' Fuel practice guides Survivors in how to change their eating habits to be healthier by savoring each meal and eating with intention. Encouraging Survivors to listen to your body as it already knows what, when, and how much to eat.

In addition, eating healthy can help prevent common side effects of cancer treatment such as weight loss, taste changes, and loss of appetite. It can also help those undergoing treatment feel better and remain healthy in Survivorship.

Registration Open To Members! 
In our inaugural year of partnership, Luminaries is leveraging Instacart Health Fresh Funds to fund category-specific purchases. Through the program, Luminaries is providing 30 Survivors, going through their free Year-Long Survivorship program, with a 3-month stipend to purchase nutritious foods using from local retailers on Instacart, including a complimentary Instacart+ membership. With Instacart+, Survivors can access free delivery and pickup on all orders over $35; 5% credit back on eligible pickups, and reduced service fees on every order. This Luminaries offering will help Survivors receive the nutrition they need, increase equitable access to nutritious groceries, and result in better health outcomes for cancer Survivors.
Click on the link below to access the                           Instacart Health x Luminaries Shop. 

Instacart promotes a healthy diet by proting healthy habits.
Add funds using Instacrt;s convenient app.
Instacart health options are designed to appeal to a wide range of dietary preferences.
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