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Survivorship Science

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The Cancer Survivorship Institute (CSI) of Northwestern University provides patients with a wide range of support services.

In working with CSI, Luminaries breaks the mold on traditional Survivorship care programs, by delivering a curated kit to a Survivor's doorstep that entices engagement, excitement, and a positive mindset.

Luminaries uses a series of steps involving an attention, reward, reinforcement loop. This system helps release dopamine can act as a bit of an amplifier on the changing the wiring in your brain, even lifting chemo-fog after radiation and chemotherapy treatment. And what is so remarkable about leveraging the attention, reward, reinforcement loop is by doing this process across various healthy practices, it can increase the rate at which rewiring occurs.

Luminaries is grateful to work alongside some of the world's leading scientists, doctors, and nurses whom believe in giving others the knowledge, access, and tools to live a happy and healthy life.

Today more than ever, cancer survivors are leading healthy  lives due to the many advances in early detection, diagnosis and treatment.  Through Luminaries, we will deliver this best-in-class care to Survivors doorsteps no matter where they live or received treatment.

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